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Industry Standards

At the American Fence Association, we support safety and commonsense industry standards, as we know they are both good for business.  Several AFA members in our industry serve on various Standards making committees and bodies throughout the United States.  Many of these Standard bodies have a global reach.  The AFA is proud to offer their voice in the creation of these guidelines and share that information with you through our education programs, certifications, and partner relationships. 

Raising Standards Awareness- Many of our member businesses struggle to do contracting work or sell manufactured items in various parts of the country because the local jurisdiction is not aware of our fence industry standards.  Many times, this is simply a case of those jurisdictions needing more education on the Standards our industry follows.  We work with local elected officials, code enforcement officials, and other AHJs to raise awareness on these issues and help our member companies succeed. 

Standard Making Bodies and Industry Partners

ASTM International


UL Solutions

Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute


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