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For the past 20 years, the American Fence Association has been working with industry leaders to raise awareness around gate safety, because we know that Safe Gates Save Lives!

A History of Gate Safety

Our collaborations, with partners like ASTM, CLFMI, DASMA, UL and NOMMA, have pioneered the process for incorporating gate safety standards into the fence industry.  The development of UL325, in 1998, allowed for the safer use of electronic gate operators, which would eventually pave the way for higher safety standards in manual gates.  The AFA has taught countless hours of education through AFA University, and the industry has certified many in gate design and automation. 

Call to Action

A renewed sense of passion has developed in our leadership and our members, as we learned about the tragic death of 7- year-old, Alex Quanbeck, in 2019.  Unfortunately, this tragedy is not an isolated incident.  There have been several gate fatalities and injuries that have been caused by manual gates throughout the country.  The most recent of these tragedies occurred in 2023, when a young girl was killed at her school. 

With a new sense of urgency, and understanding, around these events, the AFA has spearheaded the way to create industry-wide action through our partnership with the Hummingbird Alliance.  Together, with the rest of the fence industry, we are working to mutually reinforce the need for gate safety awareness and education with all stake holders.  We are collaborating with other industry leaders, talking to manufacturers and installers, providing awareness to schools, code enforcement officials and AHJ’s, and offering training to any who are interested in learning these safety standards.  All of us may live, work, or play near a gate, and it is important for us to work together to prevent these accidents from occurring. 

Partner in Gate Safety

The AFA's major partner in gate safety is The Hummingbird Alliance. You can find out more about their organization below. 

The Hummingbird Alliance is an organization making positive change by leading conversations and focusing education on school safety.  Founded in memory of Alex Quanbeck, and dedicated to children everywhere.

The Hummingbird Alliance


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